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Concorde Xtra "Aluminium Heartbar" (unclipped fronts)- St. Croix forge


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The Concorde Xtra Aluminium Heart Bar is part of the Concorde Xtra Therapeutic range

The range is based on the successful St Croix Concorde Xtra range and is available in three models - all in aluminium front unclipped


Features include:

  • Concorde Xtra Shape
  • Nail hole positioned for thinner walled horses
  • Section to size
  • Bar shoes are suitable for both sport or racing horses.

The Heart Bar shoe features a central triangular projection that covers the frog. It is useful in support of the coffin bone area in laminitic horses or horses sore in the corn area. The Bar shoe puts more of the pressure on the frog and takes if off the hoof wall, allowing the area to heal. A Heart Bar Shoe can often prevent the wall of a hoof breaking away or the crack from widening