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Graduated Egg bar Aluminium Shoe (front) - ACR Horseshoes


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"Orthopaedic use
Compensating shoe without profile on lower surface
Clip thickness: 7 mm
Heel thickness: 15 mm"

"This shoe is compensated from the toe to the heel at the same level. It is 7mm thick at the toe and 15 mm at the heel, changing the sagittal angle by approx 2°. It is recessed at the frog avoiding pressure on it. It is therefore recommended by the farrier (with vet's approval) in some instances of tendonitis and relatively advanced podotrochlear cases. It relaxes the in-depth flexor apparatus and reduces inter phalanx distal joint extension. It is also indicated for some arthritic problems in this joint. Type of nail: E-SLIM"


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