Imprint "Sport" shoe (fronts and hinds) "with stud holes"


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Sold in pairs 

A flexible high-tech patented sport shoe used in Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage, Endurance and Racing. Part of the therapeutic range of Imprint shoes, Imprint Sport provides maximum support yet is as hard-wearing as steel but less than half the weight.

The ‘W’ flexing bar allows expansion of the heels and its unique composite construction sets it apart from any other glue-on shoe. This range of shoes in both fronts and hinds is ideal for resolving poor quality hoof issues when it’s difficult or simply impossible to nail on a conventional shoe. The horse can continue in work whilst the foot is recovering. Broken, weak hoof walls and heel pain are conditions where the therapeutic properties of the Imprint Sport shoe excel. Horses can remain in the shoes long-term, potentially increasing longevity, or return to conventional shoeing when the condition is resolved.

An athlete’s footwear needs careful selection. There’s a lot at stake!

Made with materials so light-weight and flexible with the same density as your horse’s hoof – he’ll be hard pushed to even feel them! These plastic horseshoes being mouldable, enable Imprint Sport shoes to provide the perfect fit and restore your horse’s natural hoof movement. Optimum shock absorption and cushioning qualities combine to improve his CONFIDENCE and enhance your PERFORMANCE pushing you both to new heights.

High Demands on the Performance Horse

What the horse runs on, at what speed, from what height, how tight it is expected to turn and how often has a great effect on its physique – especially its feet! The feet are the first to receive all this force, torque and shock which is why the hoof, its care and comfort are of paramount importance to horse, rider and farrier.

The equine athlete and its rider usually weighs more than half a ton so the weight borne by any one foot at a time can be anywhere between two to three tons – depending on the activity being performed. Analysing a horse in action using a high speed video in slow motion demonstrates the extreme degree of movement together with the hydraulic shock waves that the naked eye cannot detect.

The constant high demands placed on the performance horse mean that their feet require even more attention and care when compared with the leisure horse.

Conventional metal shoes have been the best option for many centuries but they transmit rather than absorb shock waves and limit the hoof’s natural ability to flex during high impact movement. However, their protective role is essential in maintaining the integrity of the hoof wall over a variety of different surfaces and paces whilst carrying a rider or pulling a vehicle. To surpass conventional metal horseshoes involved identifying new materials that behave in the same way as the hoof, or ideally became part of the hoof whilst still playing a protective role.

Those materials have now been developed… Imprint Sport.

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