Liberty Cu "E head" Copper coated horseshoe nails


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Liberty Cu [patent pending] Copper Coated Nail 
Do you know Kerckhaert’s copper coated Liberty Cu horseshoe nails are changing the way we are shoeing our horses on a daily basis?

Liberty Cu [patent pending] copper coated horseshoe nails offer far more protection than traditional horseshoe nails because they eliminate bacteria entering the hoof wall through the nail holes, so hooves remain strong and healthy.

Liberty Cu [patent pending] copper coated horseshoe nails are another major step towards healthier hooves in the traditional world of farriery.
Unlike to what you might think the innovative Liberty Cu nails are not a luxury item. Strong, sound hooves are equally important to all horses, including every normal riding horse that is used for recreational purposes.

Using Liberty Cu horseshoe nails is very simple. The farrier does not have to change his habits at all. They are exactly the same to use as a traditional nail.