Liberty Driving Hammer (6oz, 7oz, 8oz & 9oz)


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The nail evolution continues with this exclusive line of Liberty driving hammers
With a slightly bigger handle in combination with the ergonomic oval shaped grip, you will have total control on every nail you drive. The magnet in the bottom will save you a whole lot of bending over to pick up nails and is standard on every size of hammer. 
The design of the head provides a maximum striking surface on every weight class and with every Liberty nail. Wringing/snapping off a nail goes with great ease, due to the straight design of the head and perfect fit with every Liberty nail.
Available in 4 different weight classes: 6 oz. (170 gr), 7 oz. (200 gr), 8 oz. (225 gr) 9 oz. (225gr)
Use the weight you prefer in combination with the appropriate Liberty nails and you will have a perfect result every shoeing job!