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Lucky Fox - SOS FROG® 500ml


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professional product recommended to Farriers and Breeders Has beneficial effects in case of rotten frog, white line disease and hoof abscess. Regularly applied on the affected part, it promotes growth of new tissue

SOS frog 500 ml

The frog, with its rubbery structure, in addition to having a cushioning action, has an important role in the mechanism of expansion and contraction of the hoof, essential to ensure good circulation of the limbs of the horse also. In the presence of bacterial degradation, SOS-FROG is the ideal product to combat this disease and restore its important function. In case of rotting of the frog, put "SOS frog" regularly on the affected part (2 or 3 times a week) this helps the regrowth of damaged tissues.
SOS-FROG is also indicated in the presence of woodworm, abscesses and detachments

FROG SANITISER - professional product recommended to Farriers and Breeders