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Visani Steel Heartbar shoes (fronts & hinds)


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sold in pairs

Square toed heart bar shoe

"Orthopaedic use"
Heart bar with rolling toe and hollowed heart
Saddle horse

Visani laminitis square toed heart bar shoe This shoe provides frog support; a square toe so that it is far back on the foot; 2 quarter clips support the hoof wall (in case of clip loss); toe fit reduces the flexor leverage arm effect; care should be taken to add additional seating out around the toe to avoid pressure on the sole.

Heart bar hind

The heart bar hind shoe has been shown to reduce dorsoflexion of the fetlock joint in sports horses working in soft footing by increasing the surface area thereby reducing ground pressure. Can prove particularly useful when applied to show jumpers with poor hind limb conformation and  exhibiting signs of a negative palmar angle.

made from 25mm x 7mm mild steel