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Visani Steel Wide Toe Shoes (front toe weight & suspensory hinds)


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Broad toe suspensory hind

the broad toe hind reduces dorso flexion of the fetlock  in soft surfaces by enabling flotation of the toe.

ideal for follow up treatment of suspensory issues or poor performance in soft footing. The plain stamped configuration reduces traction.

Wide-web toe
Narrow, concaved heels
Sports and therapeutic application
Disciplines: Dressage, Show Jumping, 3-day Event, Endurance
Thickness of 10 mm

The Visani hind suspensory shoe limits the toe's penetration into soft ground; it relieves the suspensory apparatus and solicits the deep digital flexor tendon.

Toe Weighted front

material up to 35mm at the toe

Visani wide toed suspensory front shoe, covered at the clip and narrowed to the heel. It is above all effective on loose ground as it works on the penetrability of the heels into the soil (there is no effect therefore on hard ground). Calling more on the leg's deep bending apparatus, this shoe can be recommended for certain tendon conditions (with the agreement of the vet). The shoe makes a considerable difference in support in soft surfaces between the front and rear of the foot.  For best results use only on soft ground. Type nail: E-SLIM