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DuraHeel "Carbon Fibre" Support System


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DuraHeel Carbon Fibre Support System (formerly HSP) , which was designed by farriers and the locomotor research group at the Royal Veterinary College, is a device that increases the bending strength of the equine hoof wall and thereby helps to prevent collapse and deformation

When the hoof wall bends Duraheel becomes loaded in tension and the hoof wall becomes loaded in compression (which it is more able to resist). This provides the heels with protection against collapse without restricting physiological heel expansion. This reduction in compression is also believed to have a protective effect on circulation in the navicular area

DuraHeel  is bonded, using standard farriery adhesives, to the hoof wall on each side of the heel following basic preparation. DuraHeel is removed with a light rasp and a new set should be fitted at each shoeing

1 pack contains two pairs of heel supports

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