Shipping Policy

We want to bring you the biggest range available and this means working with many suppliers, we are a dropshipping business which means we don't hold any stock we are a platform for the suppliers to sell their good on, this also means when you order your items they may get dispatched from multiple suppliers. This however means that we get charged multiple times for delivery on each order. There isn't enough profit in our deals to cover this so we have had to update our shipping terms and charge shipping on smaller orders.

We are responsible for listing products and bringing them to "you" the consumer, shipping is the responsibility of our vendors. Once your order has been processed and prepared for dispatch the suppliers will add your information provided to the order and you will receive delivery information direct from the supplier.

For all suppliers the standard shipping is charged at £9.99, exapmple: if your order is £200 and £50 is spend with each supplier this totals 4 delivery charges and will be calculated at £39.96. If a product has to be shipped via a pallet (unless stated otherwise) there is a shipping cost calculated at checkout of £60. If you live outside of the UK delivery may not be permitted.

Some vendors are not contracted to sell items outside the UK will not ship products to locations outside of the UK unfortunately, for more information regarding this contact us.

Not all products are available for delivery outside of the UK please contact us at: if you would like more information.


7, Orders & Shipping

7.1, we aim to deliver the goods in accordance with your order usually within the stated delivery time (except in exceptional circumstances) but not more than 30 days after the day you place your order, unless otherwise agreed between you and us. We use various suppliers therefore your order may be delivered in parts, each product displays the vendor, should you prefer your order to come in one delivery only order from one vendor.

7.2, Before placing your order, please refer to the delivery options set out on our website to ensure that we can deliver to your address. A valid signature may be required on collection or delivery. In the unlikely event that you have not received all the goods within the stated delivery time, you must notify us immediately.

7.3, You must do all that you reasonably can to enable delivery to take place at the given time and place. If you delay delivery, or delivery fails because you have not taken appropriate steps, we will try to arrange for an alternative delivery date within 30 days of the failed delivery. If delivery fails as a result of circumstances within your reasonable control, the cost of any re-delivery shall be borne by you. If we are unable to arrange a date for re-delivery we may cancel your order and refund to you the price that you have paid for the goods.

7.4, Without prejudice to clause 7.3, upon delivery of the goods to you or collection of the goods by you, the goods shall be at your risk and responsibility. In spite of delivery or collection, ownership (also known as “title”) in the goods shall not pass to you until you have paid the price for the goods in full and, where other sums payable to us from you are overdue, you have paid those sums too. Until title in the goods passes from us to you, you shall: (i) not be entitled to use the goods; (ii) safely hold the goods for us; (iii) return the goods to us immediately if we ask you to; and (iv) be liable to us for any loss, damage or destruction of the goods. In addition, until title in the goods passes from us to you, you shall store the goods at your own cost separately from all other goods in your possession and marked in such a way that they are clearly identified as our property. You grant us an irrevocable licence to enter, with or without vehicles, any of your premises for the purpose of inspecting or repossessing the goods.

7.5, delivery from outside of the United Kingdom is not permitted by most of our suppliers, if we do ship outside the UK the rates are variable.

None of our vendors accept responsibility for loss or damage of any deliveries.

7.6, Orders over £299.00 to addresses on mainland UK will automatically be eligible for free shipping and this will be applied at checkout, unless agreed or stated otherwise there will be no hidden shipping charges. If a product has to be shipped via a pallet (unless stated otherwise) there is a shipping cost calculated at checkout of £60. If you live outside of the UK delivery may not be permitted or be charges at standard rates.


Updated: 10th December 2022