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Aluminium "H" bar (centre support barshoe) - ACR Horseshoes


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ACR "Centre support bar" #700
  • Orthopaedic use
  • Flat shoe no profile
  • Quarter clips
  • Thickness: 12 mm"

"The central support shoe will modify the bearing and foot surfaces. The polymer combined bar in the centre of the foot serves to support and protect it. Note that the silicone is either in the front half of the foot or in the heel area thus changing the front or rear leverage. The open toe facilitates foot leverage and the profile of the rear branches allows for natural penetration of the heels in the ground. This shoe thus provides significant support in the bearing phase and assists foot take off without restricting the arrival of the foot on the ground. 12 mm thick, a significant reduction in the medial and lateral arm levers can be obtained with bevelled edges. Type of nail: E-SLIM

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