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Aluminium "German Sport" Shoe - ACR Horseshoes


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German Sport shoe #380

Sport shoe designed for German sport horses
Thickness : 10/12 mm

The ACR German Sport 380, which is specially designed for Hanoverian's and Holstein horses, will be easier to set on feet similar to German Warmbloods’, whilst its cross-section (with rolling and bevelling) provides a good grip in soft ground. Thanks to a chased inner rim from quarter to heel and wide-webbed, bevelled heels, it affords better protection and good penetration in soft footing. The rolling from quarter to quarter reduces the deep digital flexor tendon’s work and minimises the collateral ligaments’ efforts in circling and turning.

  • Coarse-punched nail holes and bevelled heels
  • Egg shape suited to the feet of horses in the German studbooks
  • Rolling from toe to quarter and narrow-webbed shoe with wider heels 
  • Prevention of collateral stress and interphalangeal joint hypertension

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