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Blacksmith H/2 Forge - Double Burner


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The Blacksmith double burner gas Forge is one of the most popular gas forges sold across Europe.  With a maximum temperature of 1,600 degrees celsius, the Blacksmith double Burner has many energy saving features and a large internal capacity able to hold larger European size horseshoes.    

Key features and benefits:

  • Two burners that can be regulated separately to reach the desired temperature fast and then maintain with minimum gas pressure
  • Equipped with two lateral holes in the metal structure to give the option of forging bars for competitions 
  • A new refractory kit with a 1600 degrees celsius temperature limit made in one unique piece to minimise heat leakage and improve heat insulation to reduce gas consumption
  • High quality, professional gas regulator/manometer for controlled and optimum gas supply
  • Folded metal external structure; welding points have been reduced to a minimum combined with quality exterior paint for improved resistance and long life.  
  • Notified body certification on all forges
  • Improved thermocouple safety system (optional) for better efficacy
  • Two burners
  • Weight 37.5kg


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