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Colleoni Aluminium Therapeutic "Rock and Roll" Front Shoe


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Full rolling motion shoes can best be defined as any type of shoe that facilitates break over in all directions: dorsal - lateral and medial. They are nothing new in farriery, for example a raised inner rim or a half round shoe (in its cross section, as often used in endurance racing) are classic examples.

Shoe type choice and placement, has larger effects on the joints closest to our work, in decreasing order: the D.I.P.J., the P.I.P.J. the M.C. / M.T. - J.P., carpus and tarsus. Bio mechanically the joints in the horses digit function as near perfect hinges, designed to extend and flex at 90 degrees to the horses sagittal plane, however the D.I.P.J. has up to 15° of latero - medial movement while the P.I.P.J. and especially the fetlock have extremely small physiological latero medial excursions.