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ComfortMix "Hoof Pad" (200cc) - Mustad


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ComfortMix is setting new standards in hoof repair with its innovative formulations and unique dispensing system.  

Designed for shock absorption and support, ComfortMix Hoof Pad is a "Must have" pad material to create comfort and protection for the hoof. 

  • Urethane-based, the Comfort Mix Hoof Pad sets in 30 seconds and adheres directly to a clean, dry sole
  • Ideal for use with or without pads; compatible with all pads
  • Shock absorbing and provides direct support and protection to improve the general condition of the sole, frog and hoof
  • Please ensure that the product is at room temperature
  • All cartridges feature a unique, easy opening and closing system to allow for multiple use of one cartridge with no need to cut
  • A patented, mixed interface with separate outlets avoids cross contamination of product
  • A leak-free connection ensures the product remains safe and clean
  • A larger cartridge size of 200ml represents great value and ensures enough product to fill two standard hooves (hoof pad and silicone).