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Concorde Equi-Librium Aluminium (side clipped fronts) - St. Croix Forge


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Lightweight shoe for enhanced performance

Concorde Equi-Librium® Aluminium has the exact same features as the steel version. On top of that, it offers a weight reduction of 60%. It is tested in different countries and on different surfaces. One of the results was that the absence of a steel insert is proven to be of a positive influence on the wearing and the wearing pattern. Therefore, Concorde Equi-Librium Aluminium offers a perfect rolled-toe shape during the entire lifecycle.

Innovative features:

  • following the anatomical foot shape•special clip positioning
  • V-fullering providing a secure nail fit 
  • concave section 

Extra features compared to Concorde Equi-Librium® Steel:

  • 60% weight reduction