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Concorde Equi-Librium Steel (toe clipped fronts) - St. Croix Forge


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The proven highperformance shoe

Our Equi-Librium design now adapted specifically for race horses!

This shoe offers the perfect balance between peak performance and overload, by an increased fluency of break-over. Its anatomical shape enables the horse to move more easily in any direction, the peak load during hoof-unrollment decreases substantially. Concorde Equi-Librium has proven to enhance performance and prevent injuries.

Innovative features:

  • following the anatomical foot shape
  • special clip positioning for optimal support while maintaining a sound hoof-mechanism
  • unique for race-specific shoes:
  • V-fullering providing a secure nail fit
  • concave section to reduce weight and for an easier access to the sole

Concorde Equi-Librium Steel factsheet