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ComfortMix "Hoof Pad Soft" (200cc) - Mustad


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ComfortMix is setting new standards in hoof repair with its innovative formulations and unique dispensing system.  

Designed for shock absorption and support, ComfortMix Hoof Pad Soft is an extra soft pad material to create comfort and protection for very sensitive soles. 

  • Comfort Mix Soft is an extra soft hoof pad material designed specifically for very sensitive soles
  • Fast setting, it sets in 30 seconds and adheres directly to a clean, dry, hoof soles
  • Compatible with any kind of pad, ComfortMix Soft seals the pad preventing any debris or moisture coming in between the pad and sole
  • Given the soft nature of this product, a pad or cover is needed with ComfortMix Soft so stones can't tear or disrupt the product

All ComfortMix cartridges feature:

  • Unique easy opening and closing system to allow for multiple use of one cartridge
  • Patented mixer interface with separate outlets to avoid cross-contamination of compounds
  • Leak-free connection to ensure the compounds remain safe and clean
  • Integrated piston retention
  • Great value 200ml cartridge size, enough to fill 2 standard hooves (hoof pad and silicone)