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FIFPE "Euro Model" (toe clipped fronts)


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Made from the hot forging of metals, this shoe has a symmetrical and natural shape with a very wide tip width compared to the standard.

This feature together with the particular section of the increasing radius tip makes the iron already landed without changing the vault plane higher. All this leads to a more backward detachment point ensuring better coordination of movements and less tendon and joint stress. 

Rolling is also present on the lateral perimeter of the shoe as the external section of the rib is smaller than the inside, this "step" allows a better detachment in any direction. 

The inclined inner wall prevents the accumulation of debris under the sole and helps in detaching, there is also an internal flaring of the upper vault which avoids pressure on the sole. 

The grooving is in European V-style and the nail prints are for the ESL-LX / MX-JC model. We thought of creating 5 nail hole per side to facilitate the farrier in choosing the best point to put the nails. The nail holes are turned inwards to follow the shape of the base wall for better nailing.