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Dalric Foal "Heel Extension"


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Flaccidity in foals is characterized by hypertension in the fetlock joint.

Depending on the extent of the ailment, the foal propels on the heels or even the bulbs of the heel, whereby the tip of the toe lifts off the ground and the fetlock even touches the ground.

The DALLMER flaccidity hoofshoe is designed to treat foals with a long pastern. It is designed along the lines of a corresponding iron shoe (extended heels with welded flange). The supporting surface, which extends back below the pastern, reduces the fetlock-joint angle and ensures plane propulsion. In order to ensure this orthopaedic shoe provides an accurate fit on the foal, the sole platform can be cut open and, using screw-in metal lugs, widened or narrowed in accordance with the width of the hoof. The overhanging heels on the shoe should be approx. 1 - 2 cm outside the plumb-line from the coronary border in the heels. Important!

Due to the rapid horn growth on a foal, the hoofshoe should not remain glued onto the hoof for longer than 3 weeks.

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