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Diamond "Shoe Removal" Kit


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Diamond Shoe Removal Kit 
A must for every tack room or horse box to quickly remove a twisted shoe

The waterproof and durable Diamond Tool Roll includes:

  • Diamond Hammer
  • Diamond shoe pullers
  • Diamond Hoof Pick
  • Diamond Clinch Cutter

For emergency use only when a farrier is unavailable

Diamond Tool Roll:
Tool bag canvas, with 8 pockets. 100% 600D polyester. extra durable and waterproof

Diamond Driving Hammer:
Used to hit the clinch cutter with. Farriers traditionally use a hammer to nail on and easy wringing/ snapping off horseshoe nails. Handle made of strong, laminated wood (7oz)

Diamond Shoe Puller:
Once the nails are removed or the clenches raised, the pull-off are used to lever the shoe away from the foot. Sharp teeth on outside edges for ease in spreading most shoes, can also be used for cutting nails 

Diamond Hoof Pick:
Hoof Pick is made from high-quality stainless steel, designed with serrated edges, making it easy to remove small stones from the horse hoof. Superior ergonomic design removes the toughest, packed-in dirt

Diamond Clinch Cutter:
Raises or cuts the clenches to reduce the amount of damage to the foot when the nails are removed during the shoe removal process. Drop forged, made in Germany. Can be used left or right handed