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The DJM Sole Support was developed by former farrier David Mangan who now devotes his time and immense experience, to designing innovative products for horses. Having to keep horses sound is always a challenge in a demanding industry. For ex-ample, high grain diets can cause soft sole, inflammation of the laminea. Some bedding, such as saw dust, sand or rice hulls, causes sole pressure and can have a severe effect on horses feet. Where there is injury, or infection, the DJM Sole Support can be used in conjunction with any medicated gel. If an infection is draining, the Sole Support can be washed and reused for up to 2 weeks, offering continued support throughout the full treatment period, even during recovery exercise

DJM Sole Support Moulds to every horse’s foot contours and supports the sole:

  • For Instant relief of Laminitis
  • Reduces the traction on Inflammatory tissues (Laminae) that bond the hoof wall to the pedal (Coffin ) bone in case of laminitis
  • Reducing sole pressure for horses with soft and sensitive soles due to poor bedding, such as sawdust, sand, rice hulls
  • For horses that have lost a shoe, the Sole Support may be used to protect the foot whilst waiting for the farrier to attend
  • Travelling long distances by trailer or plane, Sole Supports can offer full protection and comfort
  • Pre/Post Surgery used to support an injured horse, for example, loading up opposite limbs due to painful injuries
  • Horses with corns or stone bruises, the Sole Support can reduce inflammation and provides protection and comfort with, or without, a horseshoe
  • Can be glued to a sole with a shoe or without and remain in use for up to 3 weeks
  • Will give relief instantly to horses that are sensitive to shoeing and normally need a few days to recover