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Easyfit "Sport" 7/8" x 3/8" (side clipped hinds) - Richard Ash horseshoes


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The Richard Ash easyfit Sport shoe was designed to meet demand for a top quality, concave performance sports shoe.  Ideal for all equine disciplines, the Easyfit Sport features two stud holes in each shoe for optimum grip and blocked heels for optimum support.  Manufactured in the UK from the highest quality UK rolled steel, for a superior fit and finish, the Easyfit Sport is available in a wide range of sections and sizes.  Easyfit Sports feature:

  • Blocked heels for optimum support
  • Clean, well pitched nail holes
  • Rolled front edges on hind shoes
  • Multiple clip options, including toe clip and side clipped fronts
  • Stud holes available across the entire range
  • 100% manufactured in the UK from the highest quality UK rolled steel for a superior fit and finish
  • Consistent size and shape for a long lasting and superior fit