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EDSS Frog Inserts and Wedge rails


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The EDSS Frog Inserts are durable, plastic, frog shaped wedge pieces that attach to the ground surface of the EDSS Pads. A full set comes with a total of 12 pieces (6 elevations) plus the screws that are needed to attach them to the EDSS pad.

They come in 3 different sizes. Small, medium and large. These match up with the same size EDSS Therapeutic Horse Hoof Pads

The aluminium EDSS Wedge Rails - are wedge shaped parts that attach to the branches of a shoe. The stabilizing peg and attachment hole are used to fasten the Rails to the pre-drilledEDSS Shoes

These rails are sold as a pair, a left and a right. For a pair of shoes you would need 2 pairs of rails

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