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"micro-fibre" Farrier Chaps (scientific horseshoeing edition) - El Gran Caballo


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Designed by Mark Caldwell and produced for scientific horseshoeing these high quality chaps are manufactured in Spain

  • designed to fit male and female farriers over and above the hips comfortably
  • strong resilient backing
  • adjustable back support 
  • reinforced abdominal support
  • 4 knife pockets
  • nail magnet
  • adjustable leg straps
  • knee padding
  • full length patches that wrap around the calf

“Toro Rojo” is the sign of strength & durability so you can be confident in the quality of these custom designed carriers chaps. Buy the Micro fibre  with four knife pockets, 2 magnets and adjustable back support

All these chaps are available in short or long and are guaranteed against
Faulty workmanship or backing material for 6 months

Please note we will contact you with an estimate on the lead time for your chaps post order