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EVA "Foam/Wood" clog (sold in pairs)


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The EVA Wood Shoe/ Clog is designed so that the horse is only able to adjust the ground surface, whilst providing the optimum support, comfort and Leverage reduction required to aid recovery.

They are made with a combination of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) in the base, with a wooden profiled support plate with recessed front section for sole relief if the sole has prolapsed. Then complimented with the Leather rim pad for extra comfort and shock absorption.

The combination has excellent mechanical advantages in providing medial and lateral stability, Alleviating pain and stress from commonly associated lateral/medial sinkers and resection cases. They are normally fitted with the Equicast hoof casting tape to ensure a secure attachment.

TFP / EDSS Impression material can also be added under the shoe as sole support where required to improve frog pressure, circulation and stability.