FEIN'S Cordless AGWP 10 Select+ Tapping Drill


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FEIN'S Cordless AGWP 10 Select + Tapping Drill

Fast accurate thread drill with reversing gear for shorter working times

  • Unique speed thanks to reversing gear for automatic reversal of rotation direction when retracting drill spindle from threaded hole. Rapid return action at 670 rpm for shorter cycle times 
  • Outstanding precision due to clearance-free connection of drill shaft and threaded chuck with B12 taper mounting for hi concentricity. Positive fit of Tap in chuck for the best results.
  • Optimum speed for lower diameter and therefore economic working with efficient use of the machine.
  • Fein sensitive handle for applying feed force in the direct drilling axis while ensuring an ideal position in the guiding hand. 
  • Brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor with 30% higher efficiency.
  • Metal gear head.
  • Small width across corners of 23mm.

Supplied with - 1 x Additional Handle, 1 x Plastic carrying case

Tech Specs

  • Current/Voltages: 18 V
  • Idling speed in reverse running: 0-760 rpm
  • Load speed when cutting: 0-440 rpm
  • Load speed in reverse running: 0-670 rpm
  • Torque at max. output power: 26 Nm
  • Stall torque: 41 Nm 
  • Thread in steel up to: M 10 
  • Thread in stainless steel up to: M 10 
  • Collar Ø: 43 mm 
  • Cone at drill shaft: B 12 
  • Width across corners: 23 mm


batteries or charger not included