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Hammerhead "Copper Coated" Nail - Mustad


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Now available with a premium copper coating, the Mustad Hammerhead Nail features a unique, wide rectangular head for optimum fit in aluminium shoes.  The distinct neck and waffle head design, combined with Mustad's pitch, provides a secure fit in the horseshoe crease, preventing shoe movement and hoof wall displacement. Designed for the thoroughbred hoof. Hammerhead horseshoe nails fit into all creased race shoes punched for both CH and E nails. 

Key benefits and design features of Mustad's copper plated horseshoe nails:

  • Mustad premium Copper plated nails have a quality coating of premium copper
  • The fine copper plating helps reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal infections
  • All nails have a polished, smooth surface to ensure a good drive
  • Available in the following models: E-Slim, MX, Concave and Hammerhead