Hoof Care & Soundness "Rebound Hoof Pack"


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Rebound Hoof Pack (3.5 lbs & 11lbs)
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Endorsed by US Olympic riders

Finally, a better way to prevent hoof pain and soreness.

Rebound is a potent, super sticky hoof packing, formulated to draw pain, soreness and inflammation out of the hoof. Stop spending time and money on duck tape, diapers and individual ingredients - our unique formula adheres directly to the hoof, so you'll never have to wrap again! Rebound will get the sting out after a hard gallop, pulled shoes or a long day's work. It's so easy there's no excuse not to pack your horses hooves again!

Proven results at all levels of competition.

Rebound is formulated with a special blend of all-natural ingredients that have never tested and will not irritate your horses skin. Our tried-and-true formula helps heal and promote new hoof growth, through:

  • Epsom Salts - Draws out heat and soreness
  • Iodine - Toughens weak soles while eliminating bacteria and thrush
  • Arnica - Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Pine Tar - Keeps the correct moisture balance within the hoof