Hypomok "Zinc ointment" (100ml)


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Hypomok malanders ointment

Modrige, wet and dirty Willow or hutches can be customized for various types of hoof and leg problems. Examples of this is the in, this is a bacterial skin inflammations. It malanders can lead to scaling on a Irritierten skin. Hypomok is a concentrated in ointment for your horse or pony. This ointment contains no antibiotics. Hypomok is a light, Schmierbare ointment, which is easy to fit to the legs and in the fetlock area adding extra bulk

Directions of use:
Wash your hands thoroughly prior to in simply apply Hypomok or around your gloves. Spreading it 3 or 4 days 'worth of thick layer of the Hypomok malanders ointment to the affected areas at the legs and in the fetlock area of racing. Allows you to switch the crusts after about 3 days and you can put them as you apply the Hypomok in ointment gently scratch off. When the crusts and take out, and are gone, you can trim the ointment have for more 3 days apply in a thin layer on the wounds

Box Contents
The capacity is 100ml

A Tube Of 100ml is enough for one treatment of approx 2 to 4 weeks

Zinc Oxide, marigold oil, white vaseline and sulphur