Hypozin "Antibacterial Solution" Zinc oxide (100ml)


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Hypozin contains a very high concentration of zinc oxide, in contrast to "Hypomok" zinc ointment (contains 10% zinc oxide). The zinc oxide component has a drying effect and offers protection from the effects of body fluids (urine and feces in the stables). 

The balanced formulation of essential ingredients is to ensure the specific effect ofHypozin.

  • Zinc combination
  • slightly astringent
  • drying and moisture floating
  • algae and fungus resistant
  • disinfection
  • Demi water
  • prevents unwanted reactions with the metals and raw materials by acid that have been from the water
  • reduces the risk of bacterial spoilage
  • Glycerine
  • added to preperations for smoothing and soothing effect

Hypozin contains 100 grams per injector

This is sufficient for applying over the course of 3 to 4 weeks