Imprint "First" Aid Kit (for laminitis)


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System Contents:

  • 1 x pair of  Imprint First (size of your choice)
  • 1 x Imprint Structural Adhesive inc. 2 Nozzles
  • 1 x Imprint Dispensing Gun
  • 1 x Imprint Hoof Repair 125ml starter pack
  • 1 x Imprint Shoe Freezer
  • 1 x pair Latex Gloves
  • 1 x Surgical Spirit & pump action spray dispenser
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Container (for shoe heating)
  • Fitting Instructions

Case not included

Laminitis is a highly traumatic and painful condition that requires immediate first aid treatment provided by a veterinary surgeon and farrier. Imprint Equine Foot Care recognise the urgency of treating this condition and have now added the Imprint First Aid Kit for Laminitis which contains all the necessary items and accessories required for an emergency, one visit treatment. The kit includes Imprint First, the only mouldable, support shoe developed specifically for the early, first aid treatment of laminitis.

It is the recommended shoe ideal for the initial stages of a laminitic episode, where box rest is advised, as it provides immediate pain relief whilst stabilising and inhibiting pedal bone descent via the unique Frog Cradle.

The Imprint First Aid Kit for Laminitis also includes a leaflet entitled Imprint First Aid for Laminitis designed specifically to meet most of the information needs of the laminitics owner. This leaflet should therefore be presented to the owner on the initial fitting of Imprint First shoes as a treatment for this serious condition imediately.