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Jon Atkinson "Large" Plain Stamp (wood handle)


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This is a large plain stamp it’s designed to be used with a larger section of steel, this is a beautifully balanced and designed tool and once used you will realise how near to perfect it is.

This large plain stamp is made from shock resistant H13 tool steel making it strong with excellent durability and mounted on a high quality 13” hickory shaft.

 All my stamps are made to an excellent standard that allows them to be used to make plain stamped nail holes from start to finish but if you want to prolong the perfect shape of these stamps for longer then, you should firstly use an old stamp, one that is more square shaped than normal to start the nail hole (a starter stamp).

The reason for the starter stamp being more square than normal is to allow you to forge out the blips/frog eyes that may form on the edge of the flat steel without making your nail hole too rectangular, then use the good finishing stamp to perfect the nail hole.