High Goal Polo "Steel Kings" (toe clipped fronts) - Kerckhaert


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The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company is launching its new Kings High Goal Polo shoe.

Developed from its Kings Polo shoe, the new High Goal Polo shoe retains all the popular features but with the addition of a new section of material. The thicker section gives improved grip and traction giving the polo ponies more confidence on grass when playing at high speed.

The High Polo shoe has the great easy to fit shape when shoeing either hot or cold and comes with a pre-drilled 3/8 stud hole in the hind shoe.

The Extra Sound Plus front shoe makes the perfect combination, the same section offers improved grip when playing on grass, the heels are more upright and have a wider bearing surface at the heels giving the hoof more support.

Liberty LX nails fits the crease perfectly and these nails reduce damage to the hoof wall.