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Kevin Bacon's "Lucy Diamond" Shampoo


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Lucy Diamonds Shampoo is made from a special formula that includes extracts known for their softening and protective actions as well as gentle cleansing bases


Thanks to its mild pH it respects your horse's skin and thus may be used daily

Its refreshing fragrance helps combat stress and fatigue. It thus stimulates the body and bolsters vitality, but also has a decongestive and calming action on the pain and itching of insect bites

Lucy Diamonds cleans the skin, coat, mane, and tail deep down. It removes all dirt, including the most ingrained yellow stains, dead skin, and dandruff, even with cold water

Lucy Diamonds may be used on all coat types. It is especially recommended for horses with sensitive skins that are exposed to the elements, but also to protect the skin after heavy sweating

Its unique formula wards against the foul odours that can be caused by micro-organisms