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Kevin Bacon's "Sea Clay" (2kg & 9kg)


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Kevin Bacon's sea clay of Manicouagan. Helps give tendons definition, tones tissues, reduces swelling and cools the legs

The Manicouagan sea clay is a natural product which springs from a unique and unpolluted ecosystem: the Quebec peninsula of Manicouagan on the north coast of the Saint Laurent river. The sea clay appeared after extreme changes to the Earth’s surface caused by a meteorite falling in the Manicouagan region 215 million years ago. Protected by a layer of peat, the clay deposit stretches along the coastline for 15 km2. The clay contains interstitial water which has been trapped since time immemorial. Analysis has revealed the presence of 42 different atomic elements as well as a huge diversity of marine vegetation and algae

One of the particular features of Manicouagan clay is its high content of silicate, iron oxide and alumina. The marked presence of iron oxide gives it its unique colour. This type of clay is very rich in potassium, magnesium and sodium, and it is particularly rich in iron and calcium. By regularly applying Manicouagan clay onto horses’ legs :

  •  It helps give tendons definition
  • Tones the tissues
  • Reduces swelling
  • Cools down the legs