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MoreSport™ "Steel" (side clipped hinds)


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MoreSport is a shoe that has been developed for the sport horse over a number of years, for use on multiple surfaces such as artificial surfaces, grass and roads.


The shoe includes a number of key points:
  1. Wide toe to act as a floatation device to stop the foot going into artificial surfaces too deeply, encouraging the foot to stay on top of the surface thus preventing injury.
  2. The inside heel has been made longer to add stability to the skeletal structure of the hind limb whilst including the wide heel to stop the hind foot sinking.
  3. The front shoes are made slightly differently because they have two wide heels known as onion heels which provide lateral support, and a wide toe to prevent sinking into the surface and to provide stablisation to the limb.


Some of the best sports riders in the world insist on MoreSport shoes because they have seen such a difference in their results! If you don't believe us try them for yourself I guarantee you wont go back!


sold in boxes of 5pr