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Libero "ARC" Nails - Mustad


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The LiBero-ARC® nail has an innovative curved and angled head shape for a controlled drive without the nail twisting in the fuller

It is specifically designed for LiBero® shoes, but very well in Equi-Librium® and Eventer®

The concept of PITCH™ offers a small angle between nail head and the shank of the nail and aids nailing on the correct angle

This reduces possible pressure on the hoof wall. The longer slim and strong shank gives the option to nail higher

  • dome shaped head for a controlled drive and to minimize the impact of nailing
  • pitched head gives a great range when nailing.
  • predictable consistent driving
  • also a great nail to use during refits. The domed head allows for a greaT positioning within the nail hole
  • curved head requires practise when driving