NAF "Farrier Dressing" by PROFEET


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A unique hoof ointment made with extracts of essential eucalyptus oil formulated by farriers for every hoof

Ideal for maintaining sound hooves, encouraging growth and healthy horn  all year round

Recommended for those with poor hoof quality or when ridden days are lost due to the aged old saying, ‘No foot, No horse.’ A hoof dressing rich in emollients providing a nourishing blend high in stearic, oleic and other fatty acids

Expertly blended to enable deep penetration into the horn and help prevent premature cracking and drying, as well as protecting the hoof capsule from the outside in

Ultimately helping to defend the hoof from waterborne infectious threats

A clear penetrative ointment to protect hooves from becoming brittle and prone to cracking and splitting.With omega 3 + 6 to support and elasticity and suppleness of the hoof wall and sole.Fortified with traditional pine tar and eucalyptus for hoof integrity and strength


Massage around the coronary band to stimulate hoof growth. Apply down the hoof wall and across the sole to protect from adverse conditions and promote a natural sheen.Use 2 to 3 times per week or daily at times of hoof stress