Natural Balance Pads (wedged)


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The Natural Balance Pad aids in the biomechanics of the foot by;

  • supporting the frog buttress
  • stimulating proprioceptors
  • dissipating energy
  • promoting a heel-first landing
  • aligning the distal phalanges
  • improving circulation
  • promoting heel expansion

The Natural Balance Wedge Pad is a unique product that offers the farrier industry solutions to the missing links of optimal bio-mechanical function of the equine foot

Recent studies and discoveries have shown clearly the need for horse’s to land slightly heel first to properly engage the coffin joint at the time of ground contact

The frog buttress and the back of the foot are the structures required to ensure coffin joint alignment is achieved, at the same time, normal functions of absorbing concussion, dissipating energy and maximizing blood flow are enhanced as well

Quite often shoes are applied that minimize or eliminate the ability of the caudal aspect of the frog to function. The Natural Balance Pad helps to recapture and enhance the use of the back part of the foot