Öllöv "SoftStep" Shoes with Stud Holes (fronts)


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  • Absorbs shock and microvibrations
  • Optimum grip
  • 6mm steel core
  • Optimum nail hole for use with most regular nails
  • Rollover in toe and heel
  • Stud holes
  • Sold in pairs

The rubber shell absorbs shock and vibrations, making it more comfortable for both horse and rider. Less vibration travels through the horse onto the rider, making the shoe extra well suited for extensive riding and horses and riders with back issues.

The barefoot horse has always been the base for our careful consideration around the horse and its feet, to keep the horse's natural course of movement. The sliding phase of the rubbershoe is much closer to the unshod hoof than that of a steel shoe, on most surfaces.

The horse will enjoy the comfort of the rubbershoe and be able to perform its best!

A very clear difference is noticed when riding on harder surfaces, asphalt, trails, roads with some rocks etc. The horse does not need to be careful in each step but moves ahead without hesitation.

The rubbershoe offers excellent grip on many surfaces giving the horse a secure feeling, promoting a full step in every step without hesitation.

The excellent grip offers much added safety in the stable and while transporting in trailers etc.

Outstanding choice of shoe for horses recovering from various back, leg and hoof issues. A softer, shock-absorbing shoe offers relief and promotes a quicker recovery. The shoe has been used extensively for over 20 years in different rehab situations with great success.

The shoe preserves the natural blood flow in the hoof (unlike a steel shoe where the blood vessels are more likely to close up due to the vibrations in the hoof) promoting healthy growth of the hoof. The previous versions of our shoe have already proven to be excellent for horses with poor hoof quality.