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OPTIMA-29 OX Series (regular)


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Represents the pinnacle in horseshoe nail manufacturing technology.

Without rival, the ultimate in slim shank technology – more slender on all four faces maximising nail pitch options and reducing horn displacement to an absolute minimum.

Nail placement options are increased by the extra 9mm in shank length over the equivalent E head size, whilst OPTIMA’s unique pointing geometry ensures a precision drive and a clean exit.

OPTIMA shoeing nails are manufactured from specially selected ultra-low carbon steel of the finest quality obtainable on the world market. Our production processes, whilst traditional, are of the highest technical level whilst our manufacturing resources incorporate the very latest computerised technology.

Strict Swedish based control procedures ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency on a par with established brands priced significantly higher. Whilst an ongoing research and development program encompassing both materials and manufacturing processes guarantees our products will remain at the head of the table of excellence.

The OX range is an extra long slim blade nail designed for sports horses especially those weak or damaged hoof wall


250 nails per box for  OX50, OX55, OX60 and OX65