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Optima "Regula" ESL Nails


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OPTIMA nails whilst a recent introduction to the market, originate from an established and highly experienced world class manufacturer with over fifty years’ worth of expertise in horseshoe nail production. A lengthy joint venture with a global leader in shoeing nails adds tangible substance to our manufacturer’s credentials.

OPTIMA shoeing nails are manufactured from specially selected ultra-low carbon steel of the finest quality obtainable on the world market. Our production processes, whilst traditional, are of the highest technical level whilst our manufacturing resources incorporate the very latest computerised technology. Strict Swedish based control procedures ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency on a par with established brands priced significantly higher. Whilst an ongoing research and development program encompassing both materials and manufacturing processes guarantees our products will remain at the head of the table of excellence.

250 nails per box for ESL 3 to ESL 7
ESL 8 100 per box