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With close to a decade of development, this Classic, trusted apron is the evolutionary outcome of our original design with input from farriers worldwide, this is apron is truly designed by farriers for farriers….
Silverback Originals have established themselves as the most classic and trusted apron throughout the farriery industry.  Known for their unique, ergonomic and comfortable fit  Provide the ultimate in lumbar support, maximum protection, and a stylish design
Silverback Originals are an evolutionary leap ahead of our original design keeping the honeycomb dorsal support with the abdominal sling offering the best core support system on the market
Designed to be used across the world in a wholes range of conditions and temperatures keeping you comfortable whatever the weather.

  • Back and IAP(CORE) Support System15% lighter
  • Protective (DNA 5.75 mm impact foam)Bi-lateral fastening system
  • Double Knife pocketsBreathableWater repellant finish
  •  FABRICS90% Cotton10% Nylon 
  • LEATHER 2.2-2.6mm heavy-duty chrome

Please note: lead times may vary depending on stock, we will contact you with a delivery date upon purchase, if they are in stock they will be dispatched next working day however if they are not 2-3 weeks is normal for production
All our materials are sourced from the UK and most importantly the chaps are made in the UK