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OutSkill the Risk "Regenerated" Hoodie (Unisex)


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Our new regenerated/recycled hoodie is awesome, great non bulky design, no drawstring hood, fashion fit, front pouch pocket, this will be your go to hoodie for every occasion with big eco and sustainability benefits to go with it.

Regenerated cotton is cotton waste taken from the cutting room usually destined for landfill, these off cuts are then out sorted by hand into individual colour . This unique process means no further resources are used and no chemical and water waste entering the environment, this saves on the producing of new cotton and reduces the amount of land needed to grow cotton and waste going to landfill.

The regenerated cotton is then blended with recycled polyester, the recycled polyester in there hoodies is taken from waste plastic bottles and on average 19 plastic bottles go into to each hoodie.

Material: 70% regenerated cotton/30% recycled polyester.

Size: Xs ( chest 32) S ( chest 36) M ( chest 40) L ( chest 44) XL ( chest 48)

Vegan Approved