Razorhorse "Propad SXS" Support Xtra Soft


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"Propad SXS" Support X-tra Soft

  • For horses in training or competition
  • Spongy, soft, orange polyurethane contacts frog
  • Great for extra sensitive horses or those with compromised hooves


Propads are dual-purpose polyurethane hoof pads that provide shock absorption and frog support to a shod horse. Propads fill the void between the frog and the ground, giving the function and feeling of being barefoot while wearing a shoe


 When you put shoes on a horse, you elevate the hoof which deactivates the frog. The patented accordion-like frog support featured in Propads allows the frog to regain proper function and ground contact. The horse’s weight is then appropriately distributed across the entire foot and the frog acts as a pump, promoting healthy blood flow and hoof growth


 Extremely versatile, Propads can be used with any open heel shoe, making it ideal for all disciplines and breeds. They can be cut and used as a rim pad with added frog support, or left intact for sole protection and/or use with packing material