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Red Horse Products "Field Paste" Antibacterial Hoof Dressing (500ml)


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Antibacterial hoof dressing

Field Paste cleanses and conditions the underside of the horse’s foot, helping frogs and soles stay strong and healthy

Its ingredients promote the natural growth of healthy tissue, especially when rubbed well into the surface of the frog. The active agents also help the hoof and frog tissue to toughen without being caustic or damaging

The thick, paste-like consistency allows Field Paste to stay in the deep grooves of the foot for longer than thinner solutions


  • Green French Clay - an antibacterial clay that gives the paste its unique consistency
  • Bio-active honey - raw honey has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and makes the paste sticky
  • Zinc oxide - a powerful but gentle antibacterial agent that fights bacteria and fungi and supports natural sole and frog growth
  • Eucalyptus oil - a highly effective anti-fungal and antibacterial essential oil that helps to toughen weakened structures
  • Zinc sulphate - a powerful, non-caustic, antifungal agent

Directions for use:

Pick out and clean feet if necessary. Smear paste deep into the lateral grooves and onto the frog and sole

Re-apply as necessary or when feet are picked out

Once improvement is shown, re-apply weekly to keep soles healthy and tough

Use a thin layer rubbed in well if the paste is not sticking well or the horse is stabled