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Red Horse Products "Strong Horn" Hoof Hardener (500ml)


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Hoof hardener

"Stronghorn" spray nourishes and toughens horn tissue and is a powerful hoof disinfectant.

Its spray-on formula makes it easy to apply and more convenient than many paint-on hoof hardeners which come in narrow-based bottles that are easy to knock over


  • Zinc sulphate - a powerful, non-caustic, anti-fungal agent

  • MSM - a naturally occurring source of sulphur to promote the growth of healthy hoof tissue

  • Lemon oil - an essential oil with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

  • Elemi oil - an essential oil with antibacterial and antifungal properties

  • Citric acid - a natural preservative to extend the life of the product

  • Natural surfactants - to maintain product consistency

Directions of use: Clean the hoof then spray product onto the underside of hoof and around any nail clenches, avoiding the frog unless it is very soft

Apply daily until improvement is shown and then phase to weekly applications over time

For best results allow to dry prior to work or turnout