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The Hoof of the Horse will take you on a journey tracing the development of the equine hoof, from its beginning in the mares uterus all the way to old age. It is written in three sections which explore; the physical nature of the hoof, the five ages of the hoof, and the effects upon the hoof. We know that the shape of hoof is linked to soundness and good health, within this book, why and how the hoof changes its from is explained in detail

There are 250 beautiful colour illustrations which illuminate the text. It is a book to be read by anyone interested in the horse and how its unique hoof works. Much of the information in this book has not been published elsewhere. Ten years of scientific research into the hoof is explained simply, giving the reader a deeper knowledge of the hoof than has ever been possible before. Dr Simon Curtis has lectured on the subject of the horses hoof on every continent on earth and he has written for farriers, hoof-trimmers, vets and horse-owners in numerous publications. He has worked in the equine industry since 1972 where he began as a farrier in Newmarket, England. His three previous books are still in print