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Steps in treating Canker in horses

Step 1
Surgical debridement of the canker followed up by canker powder for 28 days. Powder amount in a 1-gallon bucket treats 2 feet in a draft horse. See details below
Step 2
Oral Doxycycline given 2 times a day for 90 days. 5-gram apple flavored foil packs with powder inside are opened, put in feed 2 times a day (for a 1,000-pound horse). Cost is approximately $300 a month for this treatment
Contact Wedgewood Pharmacy at 1-800-331-8272 to set up. This is started the same day as Day 1 of canker powder. For mild canker or in only 1-2 feet, many horses will only need 30 days of oral doxycycline
Step 3
Single dose of Ivermectin oral paste (dose by the body weight like regular deworming). This is to address possible nematode aspect that can be a part of canker. This is done Day 1 of canker powder

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